The Shops of Main Street

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Exploring the shops and online viagra in 24h storefronts between Little India and Chinatown on Main, November 2008.

Autumn canopy. Main & 53rd.

Black market typeset. Main & 52nd.

Star sign. Main & 52nd.

Ten Digit Dialling. Main & 51st.

Fancy. Main & 50th.

Weatherproof. Main & 49th.

Former glory. Main & 48th.

Red alert. Main & 46th.

Getaway route. Main & 45th.

Bygone community centre. Main & 43rd.

Codes blue. Main & 41st.

Combo Deal. Main & 41st.

Shout out to the regulars. Main & 39th.

Eat in/take out/boarded up. Main & 37th.

Colourfast inks. Main & 35th.

Second floor sale. Main & 34th.

No cards accepted. Main & 33rd.

Past perfect. Main & 32nd.

No parking weekdays after 3pm. Main & 32nd.

Replacement bulbs. Main & 30th.

Drawn blinds. Main & 29th.

Colour geometrics. Main & 28th.

Flash flood. Main & King Edward.

Festive faces. Main & 22nd.

A (yellow) shade of green. Main & 20th.

Calling cards. Main & 19th.

Rusty pinky. Main & 18th.

Value. Main & 16th.

Fast Font. Main & 15th.

Mixed messages. Main & Broadway.

Geodesic domes. Main & 6th.

Angles of incline. Main & 5th.

Letter columns ABC / ABPCB. Main & 3rd.

Celebration banners. Main & 2nd.

Hemispheres. Main & 1st.

Co. Ltd. Seeds. Main & Industrial.

Pacific Central Station. Main & Terminal.

Girl. Main & National

Skyscraping text. Main & Keefer.

Leading lines. Main & Keefer.

Watchful characters. Main & Pender.

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