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Written by Austin Andrews  //  March 22, 2011  //  Odds 'n Ends  //  No comments

As Disposable Words continues to grow beyond its original form as a cialis express delivery photo blog to take on a roster of new writers and a broadening focus on international affairs, we thought it fitting to move the beast to a new domain with more room to breathe.

So from this day forth (or, rather, from a couple of weeks ago when we quietly launched the new site) you’ll be able to find all our latest stories, columns and photo essays at www.disposablewords.net. RSS users can find the new feed at http://disposablewords.net/?feed=rss2 and london uk buy generic viagra for those of our readers who are especially social media-inclined you might consider following us on Twitter at @disposable140

This address will remain accessible as the storage value for four years of old stories and photo reportage but will be closed to new posts for the foreseeable future. Don’t cough on any mothballs if you do decide to poke around and I hope to see everyone on the q lowest viagra prices a img other side of the wall!

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